Looking for a Static Caravan Holiday? Stay Safe Online.

Over the years you might have heard stories of customers getting ripped off by responding to bogus holiday adverts posted in newspapers and other websites by fraudsters who claim to be a caravan holiday home owner.

Here at UK CARAVANS FOR HIRE (www.ukcaravansforhire.co.uk) we have implicated an advertiser verification process that helps us ensure that all our caravan rental adverts are genuine, allowing you greater confidence and trust when searching through all our caravans for hire advertisements and when contacting the static caravan owners.

When searching our caravans for hire adverts look out for our "VERIFIED ADVERTISER" stamp - if the caravan advertiser has been verified then the stamp will appear on the indervidual adverts photographs...

Veridied caravan renatl advertiser

When you see the above logo displayed you will know that we have verified that the advertiser is who he or she says he is by; confirming their address, email & paypal details.

Of course this doesn't mean that if an advert isn't displaying a Verified Stamp then is a fraudulent advert, just use common sense before parting with your monies. In all cases we recommend the following to help you stay safe before parting with your dosh:

1. Ask for the advertisers full names, home address and landline telephone number.

2. Ask for the location / plot number of the holiday home and if in doubt telephone the park and speak to a team member there to try and confirm the information given is correct.

3. Make any payments by a protected method like "Paypal"

4. If the holiday advert looks "too-good-to-be-true!" (ie. it's being offered at a super cheap price) be wary.



(Disclaimer: Our verification process and published stamp is intended only to help as guidance - you are solely responsible and you should always performing your own in-depth checks prior to proceeding with any payment)